Sunday, June 28, 2009

As I sit here writing today, with the aspirations of writing some type of material to share my story, Alec has just turned 12 and Bailey is 13 and somewhat of a recovering ADHD teenager. When I began to think back to how we got here - stories, experiences, etc. I am realizing that I am forgetting the details. That makes me very sad because it is in the details where I see the hand of God most. In the little triumphs is where I see God's blessing. It is in the trials and hard times that I remember His grace and mercy...where I learned about His grace and mercy...and I don't want to forget how we got here because I never want to forget that feeling of being utterly dependent on God.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Writing a book/Bible study

I am toying with the idea of writing "something" and would like to use this blog as a sounding board. My main focus is our life with autism - how it affects each member of my family as well as how I am able to see God's grace everyday through autism. I want to talk about how we got where we are today, our struggles everyday, and my walk with Christ. I want this to be a Christ centered project full of scripture and through this book, I want my relationship with Christ to grow stronger and stronger. Our lives have been touched so much because of Alec and I want people to know that all things do work together for good to those that love God - even when at times we feel defeated and lost, when I stand back and look at the big picture, I see God every time. We have come so far and I know we have so much farther to go. As a pastor's wife, teacher, and mother of an autistic son and a semi recovering ADHD daughter, I marvel everyday of where I would be without my Lord and Savior.