Monday, August 30, 2010

If all we had to do was homeschooling....

it might not be as hectic!!!!  But we all know there is ALWAYS other things going on.

My second week of homeschooling the girls and my first week (well Wednesday & Thursday), I spent as much time at the doctor/E.R. and taking care of sick people and animals as I did working on school.

There is never a dull moment at the Reed's.  Monday Bailey stepped on a nail.  How, you ask??  Because she was out in the rain bare footed checking on her cats!!  So Tuesday we took our first field the doctor... where we found out that apparently there is a 12 year well visit we missed.   Bailey ended up getting 3 shots.  It ended well with pizza and ice cream at a cute place by the doctor's office.

Then on Tuesday, our dog Freckles...
My husband calls her the Highlander because he says she's immortal!!  i.e. - won't die!!!

 was bitten by one of our other dogs....

We're pretty sure this one - Mo Jo-was the culprit!!!

But it could have been this little cutie - Millie!!!!

They have been trying to make up ever since!!!

And then Thursday while we were doing yard work, Rusty (the hubby) cut two of his fingers with a chain-saw!!!!

This is him on Loritab!!!

Go ahead...make my day!!!!

Anyway, this week will surely not be as eventful.  God is faithful and He gives us all we need to do all we need to do.  My new motto is from Elisabeth Elliot - "Don't think about all you have to do, just do the next thing!"  How profound!!!

Have a great day!!!

Appreciating the "Ba-dillies"...

What are ba-dillies??  The little things that happen throughout our day that remind us that God is right there with us.  It is looking for the hand of God in the small things...and finding Him over and over.  (I can't take credit for this word.  I went to a women's conference a couple of years ago and the speaker was Cindy Wood.  She wrote a book called The Frazzled Female.  I borrowed/stole (lol) the word from her.)

Anyway, ironically this word kept coming to mind on Day 1 of boy week.  I was a bit overwhelmed and desperately looking for ba-dillies!!!  Looking back on our two day week - we started Wednesday!!!! - it wasn't horrible, it had just been a rough week to begin with (I'll share about that a little bit later), and it was a big change from the girls - a lot more planning, a lot more teaching time, and a lot less down time!!

That being said, I spent the better part of the weekend tweaking and thinking and tweaking and thinking so tomorrow is a new day and a new week, and I am so excited to see what the Lord has to teach me.
Here are a few pics.  I was a frazzled female myself last week, and I kept forgetting to take pictures.  I'll do better this week!!

Alec and Ethan!

We are "unplugged" during school so they were so excited they got to play
Play Station when they were finished !!

      The girls are doing great and are really stepping up!!!   Alec cooked and served everyone lunch...


 and they cleaned up the kitchen after...

    Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My girls!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not-Back-To-School blog hop - A day in the life of...

Well, this week we are supposed to talk about what a day of homeschooling looks like. Well, we are starting week 2 with the girls and will add the boys Wednesday so I am not really sure what a "normal" day will look like, but here is what I'm aiming for....

My 9th graders (girls) will start at 8:30, and we will do a Bible devotional geared for them.  We are starting with A Young Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. I read a passage/part of a chapter and we talk about it and then in prayer, commit our day to the Lord.   They will also have a prayer journal where they will spend a few minutes each morning sharing their hearts and talking to Christ.  I've taught them ACTS - adoration, confession, thanksgiving, & supplication.  I don't want their prayer time to be all about "requests" - I want them to see there is so much we have to share with our Lord and Savior.

My 7th graders (boys) will start at 9:00 and we will do basically the same thing.  I haven't nailed down their devotional yet and am hoping to find some ideas from the blog hop.

After our devotional time, the girls are pretty much on their own.  They have detailed lesson plans to follow, but I am always close by.   

Here is their schedule:

Bible & devotional/ History/ Literature (MFW) - 8:30-10:30  (They do Bible on their own as well)

Break/Snack - 10:30-10:45

English - 10:45-11:30
Algebra 1 - 11:30-12:30

Lunch - 12:30-1:00

Apologia Physical Science - 1:00-2:00
Health/ Spanish - 2:00-3:00 
 (each twice a week...the girls switch up)
Required Reading - between subjects or evenings

Here is the boys "tentative" schedule: 
They start Wednesday the 25th:

Bible/Devotional - 9:00-9:45
Math 7 - 9:45-10:45
English - 10:45-11:45

Lunch - 11:45-12:15

Reading - 12:15-12:45
Geography/History - 12:45-1:45
Apologia General Science - 1:45-2:45
(we may add Spanish 2nd semester) 

And here is my schedule:

5:30 - coffee and QT (devotional/prayer/Bible reading)
6:30-7:30 - treadmill (wake kiddos up at 7:30)
7:30-8:30 - breakfast, chores, get ready for the day
8:30-3:00 - Follow kids school schedule/do a few things here & there - blog, email, a chore or two, etc.
3:00-5:30 - kid free time...unless I need them!!!
5:30-6:00 - Daddy's usually home/Dinner

8:30 - begin night time routine that is ALWAYS a work in progress
& by 10:30 it would be great if we were all asleep!!!

Looking forward to a great year at home and am praying for structure and open to some flexibility!!!

In Christ Alone, Kayce

Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 1 with the high schoolers: WHAT A BLESSING!!!

Well, week one for the girls was very productive... well mostly!!!!!
We did a lot of tweaking.  By Wednesday their schedule and lesson plan format had changed, and by Thursday, I had returned their language arts program and ordered a new one.  We are going with Easy Grammar for 9th grade since their English 1 credit will come from their literature part of My Father's World.  And can I just say one more time THAT I LOVE MFW!!! 

The girls also love Teaching Textbooks ALgebra 1 which is a shocker because neither are strong in math. They have also enjoyed their Apologia Physical Science - with 2 successful experiments the first week.

They will finish their first paper on Monday, an argumentative paper.  

Bailey argued that SoBe water is better that Vitamin water...    


and Sydney argued that Crayola products are better than Roseart.


We had such a great week that Thursday we skipped our morning break and took an early lunch to a sushi and Hibachi  grill. 

It was a great way to end a great week.  We even shared Tempura Fried ice cream for dessert!!!

What a blessing to have this opportunity.  I hope I feel the same way next week once I add the boys!!!!!  My little Alec is a tough cookie, but I know God is faithful, and through this time, we can bring Him glory.  My prayer is that at the end of this venture, I will be more like Christ and my children will desire to live their lives to honor and glorify God and that the fruits of the Spirit will be evident in all our lives.

Here are some pics of our week:

We did a lot!!!...  and had fun too!!!

Bailey is getting better every day! 
 Praise the Lord for Sydney!!!!


Happy Homeschooling,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not-Back-To-School blog hop - Student week!!!

Well, our first day of high school was a success....I think!!! :)

I started my daughter and her friend yesterday.  I wanted to get a jump on things before I tackled my son and his friend (the 7th graders). They start next week.
Bailey and Sydney

My Girls!!!!!!
All in all, it was a great day.  We took our time and talked about "the plan" for the year!!!!  -Our goals, my expectations, etc.  

We have a schedule, but it is more of a guide.  Some things they do together, some things not.  I want to give them freedom as long as they can be productive, but the minute they step out of line....WATCH OUT!! "Yeah right" is what you're thinking if you know me.  They felt the same way!!! LOL...

Can't you tell...they are scared to death!!!

This is what happened when I was trying to look something up for them!!!

No comment!!!!!

Anywho, we got to all the subjects except for Spanish and Health.  I figure we'll add them next week. THEY LOVED MATH - Algebra 1??!! - huge deal. We even had an experiment in Physical Science...and it did what it was supposed to do.
Thank goodness for the Physical Science lab kit.  It was worth every penny.  And it was a LOT of pennies!!!

The experiment required stripping a wire!!!  Have mercy!!!...

and a 9-volt battery!!!....

then taping the wires to the battery!!!

then putting the other end of the wires in baking soda water...

and it bubbled!!!  WOO HOO??!!

1st experiment - check

I love our curriculum choices and am excited more and more each day. 

My daughter wasn't/isn't so excited about homeschooling in high school, but God has been faithful, and my prayer is that as she grows spiritually, she'll understand and appreciate my choices.  She enjoyed herself yesterday, but every time she realized it, she stopped!!!

I want to do better in regards to our devotional/prayer time.  That is first on my list to tweak!!

Here are my boys so you can see all the members of Reed Academy!

Ethan and Alec!!!

Happy Homeschooling!!!