Monday, August 30, 2010

Appreciating the "Ba-dillies"...

What are ba-dillies??  The little things that happen throughout our day that remind us that God is right there with us.  It is looking for the hand of God in the small things...and finding Him over and over.  (I can't take credit for this word.  I went to a women's conference a couple of years ago and the speaker was Cindy Wood.  She wrote a book called The Frazzled Female.  I borrowed/stole (lol) the word from her.)

Anyway, ironically this word kept coming to mind on Day 1 of boy week.  I was a bit overwhelmed and desperately looking for ba-dillies!!!  Looking back on our two day week - we started Wednesday!!!! - it wasn't horrible, it had just been a rough week to begin with (I'll share about that a little bit later), and it was a big change from the girls - a lot more planning, a lot more teaching time, and a lot less down time!!

That being said, I spent the better part of the weekend tweaking and thinking and tweaking and thinking so tomorrow is a new day and a new week, and I am so excited to see what the Lord has to teach me.
Here are a few pics.  I was a frazzled female myself last week, and I kept forgetting to take pictures.  I'll do better this week!!

Alec and Ethan!

We are "unplugged" during school so they were so excited they got to play
Play Station when they were finished !!

      The girls are doing great and are really stepping up!!!   Alec cooked and served everyone lunch...


 and they cleaned up the kitchen after...

    Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week!!

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  1. Love those pics and love how Alec is sitting there doing the math....that is sooo him!!!

    Have a great week honey!!