Monday, August 30, 2010

If all we had to do was homeschooling....

it might not be as hectic!!!!  But we all know there is ALWAYS other things going on.

My second week of homeschooling the girls and my first week (well Wednesday & Thursday), I spent as much time at the doctor/E.R. and taking care of sick people and animals as I did working on school.

There is never a dull moment at the Reed's.  Monday Bailey stepped on a nail.  How, you ask??  Because she was out in the rain bare footed checking on her cats!!  So Tuesday we took our first field the doctor... where we found out that apparently there is a 12 year well visit we missed.   Bailey ended up getting 3 shots.  It ended well with pizza and ice cream at a cute place by the doctor's office.

Then on Tuesday, our dog Freckles...
My husband calls her the Highlander because he says she's immortal!!  i.e. - won't die!!!

 was bitten by one of our other dogs....

We're pretty sure this one - Mo Jo-was the culprit!!!

But it could have been this little cutie - Millie!!!!

They have been trying to make up ever since!!!

And then Thursday while we were doing yard work, Rusty (the hubby) cut two of his fingers with a chain-saw!!!!

This is him on Loritab!!!

Go ahead...make my day!!!!

Anyway, this week will surely not be as eventful.  God is faithful and He gives us all we need to do all we need to do.  My new motto is from Elisabeth Elliot - "Don't think about all you have to do, just do the next thing!"  How profound!!!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Oh, dear! Moments like those do seem to group together, don't they? I'm glad everyone is well and pray this week is much better!