Sunday, August 1, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum

This is our first year back homeschooling. They are in the 9th and 7th grade. The last time we homeschooled, they were in the 2nd and 4th and we homeschooled for two years. For the past three years we have been at a wonderful Christian school in our area. I taught 4th grade and my daughter had a wonderful experience in middle school, 6th through 8th grade. Our school only went to 8th grade. My son had a rougher time. The teachers were wonderful and he had great friends, played basketball and flag football, but academically he struggled due to his autism. The lockers, changing classes, over stimulation, etc.

But the Lord has continued to be faithful throughout our school career whether we were in private school, public school, or homeschooling, so I have no doubt that the upcoming year will be no different.  I am so excited to be sharing this adventure with several close friends at my church and equally excited that I will be homeschooling a friend for each of my kids.  We are looking forward to honoring and glorifying God in all we say and do.  Here is our curriculum for 2010-2011:

9th graders :
My Fathers World- Ancient History and Literature for Bible, World History, and English
Health as elective

Teaching Textbooks - Algebra 1 (and considering adding Life of Fred!)

                                                Apologia Physical Science

                                                           Rosetta Stone Spanish

CQLA -Character Quality Language Arts - Green B Series and Worldly Wise 9th grade

7th graders:

My Fathers World- Exploring Countries and Cultures with 7th & 8th grade supplements -
Bible, Geography, Reading &
Health as an elective

Teaching Textbooks-Math 7

                                                  Apologia General Science

                        Rosetta Stone Spanish

                                  CQLA - Green A Series

Very excited!!!  Happy Homeschooling!!



  1. YAY MY FRIEND!!! Im so excited to get started!!!!

    Your curriculum looks awesome!!

  2. Welcome back to homeschooling!! How exciting for you and your family :)

  3. As we move on through the years, I hope to keep using MFW also! And I'm thinking about Rosetta Stone too for language! Thanks for sharing!

  4. goodness - I see Algebra and just shake all over! We're only in 2nd grade - and I'm just as happy with tally marks and ordinal numbers! =)

    have a great year!

  5. Welcome back to home schooling, I just love how the Lord puts us right where He needs us and we need to be. Have a blessed school year.

  6. I also have a 9th grader doing AHL....have a great year back.

  7. Thank you for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop. It sounds like you have a beautiful year planned. I love your use of photos in your list. It is very visually appealing.

  8. Here from the Not Back-to-School hop!

    Thanks for sharing with us... have you been using Rosetta Stone at home or is this your first experience with it? I've been considering it for some time but am still looking for more advice! ;)

    Happy BACK to homeschooling for you! Have a great year.

  9. Looks like a great set up here...and I have three friends ya gotta visit-they too have autistic children and they are a great source of ideas and encouragement.

    Penny is at

    Bronwyn is at

    and Tim is at (I think he is having some issues with his blog right now-but keep trying!)

    HTH ya out!

  10. We're using Teaching Textbooks 7 as well! You will find much of the first part of the school year is review in that subject. We started July 1. :)

  11. Hi! I found you on the MFW Blog Roll...and I'm on the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop, too. My girls (ages 8 and 9) are using ECC this year as well, and we started on Monday. Hope you can stop by my place: I'm following you now. :^)

  12. Welcome back to homeschooling! This is only my second year. It's been such a great experience! May God bless you your family. I'm here from the blog hop, and I'm following on Google Friend.

  13. Looking forward to following you as well!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!