Sunday, August 8, 2010

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  School room "makeover" edition of the Not-Back-to-School-Blog Hop!!!!
This by far will be my most exciting post yet!!!  As I mentioned in my curriculum post, this is my second time to homeschool.  The last time I homeschooled, my children were in 2nd and 4th grade, and we homeschooled for two years.  We actually did our schooling in a small dining room where the table took up most of the room.  My daughter sat at one end of the table and my son at the other.  I sat in the middle.  I had a wicker basket thingy with 3 drawers with all our stuff. 

Now, they are in 9th and 7th grade-which means they are much bigger -lol!!!  Not to mention the fact that I am schooling two of their friends.  That means two 9th graders and two 7th graders.

Well, the room I did homeschool in no longer exist due to a little remodeling, and we just so happen to have an extra room that was supposed to me my husbands room for an office and/ or work- out room but actually had turned out to be a storage room.

Well, with the help of some wonderful, giving, selfless people that the Lord has allowed us to know,  we have an unbelievable school room for this upcoming year.

First, there is my designer Kellye (One Mom's Walk)...
Kellye with Big Steve...a.k.a Big Daddy
 I asked her if she had any ideas for the room and within about 4 minutes, she had plenty.  It is a gift really!!!!  She looked around and had it all figured out.  Well, not exactly ALL figured out.  That is where Big Steve (One Mom's Walk Big Daddy) ...

Then there was Billy, our floor guy.  To hear his testimony and what God has done in his life is truly amazing!!!

And Tina - she is my technical advisor.

She helped me set up my computer, make my lesson plan templates, covers for my binders, etc., etc.

And Troy - He is multi-talented as well as a multi-tasker!!   
                                     He works beautifully with fabric and can hold his own with a drill!


And he can paint too!!!

The chief painter, however, was my wonderful Big Daddy, Rusty

                                   He painted... 

               and painted...

                       and painted...
till he couldn't paint any more.  He also funded the project which was no small task in and of itself!!!

Because of this wonderful group of people and God's amazing grace, I am so excited about what the Lord has in store for our little homeschool - Reed Academy!!

So without further it is!!!



The computer closet - Before....

and after....

 We are doing My Father's World ECC which requires us to have a BIG world map.  Due to lack of wall space, I came up with this little invention.  I mean really Troy, the multi-tasker, was the brains behind the operation, but I brought it to life!!  I bought a pull down shade from Home Depot (about $14.00)  and Mod Podged the map to it, and mounted it behind my Kellye (One Mom's Walk)- made curtain.  Now, ideally I wanted the shade to pull up and down, but due to some technically difficulties, that didn't happen. Sooooooo, now it is part of the curtain.

Really Before....

The Kellye-made curtain....

Before the map idea...

Before I realized the shade going up and down wasn't going to work....

The final product!!!!

Here is the rest of the room:

Sydney's Desk (the 9th grade precious friend!)...

Ethan's desk (the 7th grade sweet friend)...

The command center (Kellye-made and high-jacked from another blog!!) and book baskets...

Bailey's (my beautiful butterfly) and Alec's (my heart that keeps me humble...i.e. Little Rain Man) desks...

The back wall of their desks is cork board covered with material (Kellye-made!!)



The Finished product

Here are just a few (lol) picks that I couldn't resist!!!

I painted and painted too!!!

Stick a fork in him....he's done!!!!!!

Our start date for the girls is August 16 and the boys start on the 25th.  Looking forward to honoring and glorifying God in all we say and do and plan on leaning on the Everlasting Arms a whole bunch!!!
In Christ Alone,


  1. AAAAHHHHH!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! I have been waiting up because I knew you were going to post tonight!!! It all looks so awesome and what a great post. I must say though you had a great designer and a good looking crew working for you. Ty Pennington who????

    Extreme Makeover School Room Edition!!!

    Kayce, it is all so great honey!! AWESOME JOB!!

    Now we just have to teach these folks something :))))

    Love ya girlfriend!!

  2. I like the remake of the cabinets; the warm white color gives a restful feel with the brighter colors. Your computer room is cute.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I don't know what I love most about your room! The white cabinets are gorgeous, and the curtain/map is an fabulous idea. Love the upbeat coloring. So beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful homeschool year filled with blessings~

  4. I agree Amazing. The computer closet and the map are are inspired.

  5. Simply Fabulous!!! Love it!! How exciting!!

  6. Wow how beautiful, I LOVE it. What a fun place it'll be to get the studies done. WOO HOO....great job!!!

  7. This room looks TERRIFIC! I LOVE the desk areas and the green color and the floral bulletin board area....

  8. Oooo, I love this. What a beautiful room, what great colors and decor, and what great photos of the before, during, and after. Thank you for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School blog hop.

  9. Oh wow! What an amazing room!!

  10. WHAT A ROOM! I absolutely love that color green! Great job (everyone)!!


  11. Thank you all so much. We were so blessed to have so much help. Can't wait to get in here and teach!!!!!!

  12. I love, love, LOVE seeing this transformation! Very stunning.

    BTW I am an autism mom as well and am homeschooling two of the four boys I have on the spectrum. (I have five boys, one girl total.)

  13. What an adorable space! Love the map curtain!

  14. That is an amazing transformation! I'm sure everyone will benefit from it!

  15. Just BEAUTIFUL! We are just beginning our homeschool journey so I am looking for ideas for curriculum and our space. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Hi, Kayce -- thanks for introducing yourself over at my blog. I can't believe we've never "met" in cyberland since it looks like we read many of the same blogs, especially the autism ones. It will be fun having another autism mom to go through ECC with me. We'll be starting in a couple of weeks. Your school room is amazing!!! And I'm totally copying your map idea. It is so much better than all the crazy ideas I was imagining. : )

  17. Wow! This was like watching a TLC show! Can I borrow your friends to come and do my house? =)

    What a beautiful room you have now. It's so bright, and perfect. I hope you have lots of fun and a very blessed school year.

  18. Just found your blog. LOVE your room!!! What a great job!

  19. This is a fabulous hs room and gives me such encouragement for my room that is currently under construction!!! Love it!

  20. Would you mind sharing the color/brand of paint you used. I LOVE that green!

  21. Oh wow what a transformation. Thanks for sharing this really is the perfect area. I love the map.

  22. it! Curious to know the dimensions of this room?? W are building a house.