Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sunday before Christmas

How about those cute boots!!

Well, it is the Sunday before Christmas and I am staying with my mom who had her fifth chemo treatment Friday. My family just stopped by in their Christmas best - they are beautiful.

As I am sitting here reflecting on how much my life has changed during the past year, it is mindbloggling. The most changes, however, have occurred with Bailey. We almost wear the same size (I did lose about 15 pounds this year!!...and she found them - mostly in her boobs!!!). We wear the same size shoes now and at first, I didn't handle it too well when every time I looked down (or went to look for MY shoes) there they were... on her feet. I would be furious, but as of late, I have decided to embrace this time and enjoy it - share my shoes, my sweaters, MY PANTYHOSE that she can only wear ONCE without ripping. I have to learn to enjoy my teenager. When I do, things are so much better. And really, how much do pantyhose really cost?

And Alec....ohhhhhh Alec. He became a middle schooler this year. And for a twelve year old with autism who look about 9, middle school has been a challenge. A challenge just as he is a challenge. As you see in the pictures, he is NOT a picture taker. I've learned I can get frustrated or I can except MY "normal" and take what I can get and enjoy the good smile even all the more.

How about that smile!!!!!!!!!!!

Rusty and I have been married 16 years as of the 18th, and I have never loved him more. We have truly become a team. Being in the ministry...and Alec...and Bailey being a teenager have caused us to grow closer. It is either join forces or be defeated - lol. I'm glad we have chosen to join forces.

They look so innocent don't they???? !!!!!

And Mom...I've NEVER appreciated her more and I am thankful for the time to care for her. She only has one chemo left, and my hearts desire is for it to be the Lord's will for this to be over. I have seen the hand of God so much during this time and I know He will be faithful no matter when this journey takes us.
Merry Christmas from my normal to yours!!!

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  1. Great post!! We missed you yesterday!! You wouldve enjoyed the crick in my neck and me wobbling around the church in you know what mode! I love your precious family and yes they all were were just precious!!

    Love you and your mom and hope she does great this week :)