Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adios Mexico!!!!


Well, good bye after tomorrow anyway. We have completed our amazing race through Mexico and are having a Mexican Fiesta tomorrow in which everyone that Ethan is remotely related to is coming!!  From our family, Mrs. Bonnie and Mr. Wendell (Maw-Maw Bonnie & Paw-Paw Wendell) and Rusty(Daddy) unless he weasels his way out of it!!! 

We did move quickly but the boys (well, mostly Alec) love geography so they (he) enjoyed the fast pace.  We have learned lots of interesting facts about Mexico - the people, recipes, the language, etc.   Bailey even helped with the language.  She is taking Spanish so she enjoyed counting, saying the days of week, and the color words CORRECTLY for us.

They loved the geography game and are super excited about the Fiesta tomorrow!!! 

We even went out to eat lunch yesterday at a local Mexican restaurant called Caliente - which means hot or spicy in Spanish.

Bailey got a Smoothie before we went.

Rusty ate a hamburger.

Ethan ate quesadillas.

Alec ate chicken Strips...of course!!!

and I ate tortilla soup.

It is a good thing Ethan and I went.  We are the only ones who ate Mexican!!!!

I am always thankful for a productive week, especially one that is fun and where the kids learn a lot. I give God all the glory because that is the kind of week we had thus far!!! 

Buenos dias,


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