Thursday, September 9, 2010

And as always, God was faithful...

We had one of the best days homeschooling thus least in regards to Alec's behavior!!

Once I began to recover from my downward spiral (THROUGH MUCH PRAYER), God's plan began to unfold as I re-did the schedule and the lesson plans, re-arranged the room, etc.  I began to see the good that God was working out. Some of His plans...

especially in regards to my relationship with Bailey as well as helping Alec to be more independent. 

With the girls working mostly on their own, that left me with a lot more time to spend with the boys - all three of us...together...for like 3 hours!!!  Each day Alec was getting worse and worse and I was struggling with what to do. (Funny how quickly we lose sight of the big picture when we are in a downward spiral!!) 

Losing Sydney forced me to make some changes in how we do school.  They will ALL have to be more independent now - which is a good thing.  I will have to be Bailey's lab partner -which is a great thing (even though our experiment didn't work today!!!LOL).  And I will have to live a little more intentionally to make sure we get it all done!!! -which is always a great thing.

Bailey and I have been able to have several fruitful conversations, and I have had wonderful opportunities to point her to Christ and His goodness as well as remind her (and myself!!!) that we are still on the right path and the decisions we have made are right for our family. 

We will miss Sydney very much.  She was a blessing and so sweet to Alec (he may miss her more than Bailey).  I am thankful for the opportunity we had to spend with her these last few weeks, and I am equally excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in this next chapter of our homeschooling adventure.                  

We learned tonight at church that sanctification is a gift - the gift of becoming more like Christ. 

Help me, Lord, not to question and resent the trials that come my way, but rather to look at them as opportunities to choose You, to glorify You, and to be closer to looking more like You when I get to the other side,... and do all this in spite of me!

In  Christ Alone,


  1. Wow!!! What an awesome post!!! I can't wait to visit with yall tomorrow night!!!! Love you my friend!!

  2. Great post- so sorry you lost your homeschool student and friend to your kiddos. You are so right- God has a plan in everything. I have a Beautiful Blogger award for you on my blog. Just stop by and download the award to your computer. You have to 1. Acknowledge who you got the award from. 2. Give the award to a few others. 3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

    Have a great day!

  3. I feel bad that I didn't visit sooner and offer some encouragement and prayer, but what a blessing to see how God has already started to work wonders in a difficult situation. Hope you're having a wonderful trip!