Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Magical...somewhat Miserable...Memorable Disney Vacation!!!!

Now that we are home, I don't remember as much of the miserable, but believe you me, Disney World can be not so magical at times!!  It is such a huge place and there is so much to do.  You are tired, there are people everywhere, scooters (we even had one in our group!!!), 
Love you Mrs. Joyce!!!!!
strollers, everybody wants to do different things, etc., etc. Good grief, it is all coming back to me!!!

Maw Maw Ginnie got a wheelchair one day.  Then Big Russ said NO MORE!!!!!
We did make some wonderful memories, and we had a ball on all the rides.  The parades and fireworks were my favorite (Rusty hated them!!!). 

Everyday was jam packed.  We went to a different park everyday. 

Day One -  We spent most of the day getting there.  It was the kids first time to fly.  They loved it.  Alec only had one meltdown when his ears started to hurt.  He is not about being uncomfortable in anyway shape or form!!! Once we checked in our resort, we went to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours.

We saw our first of MANY firework shows!!!!
This is how Alec stayed when we were stopped....anywhere!!!

Day 2 was EPCOT -I loved going to EPCOT and visiting all the countries since that is what Alec is studying this year - Countries and Cultures (MFW) - I did however... go by myself to most of them.  I bought a passport and made my little mask at the KIDCOT station (Bailey made one too because she felt sorry for me!!) and off I went.  Alec and Rusty went back to Future World - where all the rides were- and Mom, Mrs. Joyce, and Bailey sat for almost two hours waiting for the Illuminations light show to begin!!!!!

Of course, Alec had to have a Mickey Waffle first thing!!!!

I just love Mickey.  This was in the gift shop after Space Mountain!!!!

We had a fun meet and greet at Epcot!!!!  Well, not so fun for Alec!!!! 

Me at KIDCOT making my mask!!!

The Illumination fireworks were amazing.

Day 3 - Hollywood Studios - This was our least favorite park.

The elevator for the Tower of Terror - My least favorite ride!!!!!

                               We (the girls) saw Beauty and the Beast!!!


Still in the scooter!!!!

Still sitting down!!!     

We left Hollywood Studios early and headed back to Magic Kingdom to watch the parade and yes...more fireworks!!!

A Mickey rice krispy treat!!!!!
 Day 4 was ANIMAL KINGDOM - my favorite park!!!!

Hands down the best restaurant in Disney!!!!!

 This is the year of celebrating at Disney and we were celebrating Mom being cancer free!!!

 It is Tough to be a Bug - very cute show!!!!

The Dinosaur ride scared Alec half to death!!!

 Poor Mrs. Joyce - she thought it was more of a kiddy ride - NOT!!!!

                                     Loved the animals!!!!

 and loved the parade!!!

 Alec however was on his last leg!!!!!

Alec and me after we road a ride that got us soaking wet - A river raft ride of some sort!!  He loved it!!

Rusty was MIA most of this day.  He went on a Bass fishing himself!!!

 Animal Kingdom closes at 5:00 so the ladies headed over to Downtown Disney. 

A peanut butter brownie sundae!!!  Ridiculously good!!!

  and Day 5 we spent the whole day at the Magic Kingdom!

Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

Splash Mountain!!!!!!

                                           This was the only day it rained!!!

                                                            Another parade!!

The Monster's INC. show was really cute!!!!

Deep down they really do love each other..they just get on each other's nerves!!!!

We were headed home Day 6 and on that day we ended our vacation with a character breakfast, Chief Mickey. 

Our reservations were at 8:30. I woke up at 8:00!!!!! You have to catch the bus to Magic kingdom and then take the Monorail to the Contemporary resort where Chief Mickey is located. We were supposed to be out of our resort by 11:00 and we hadn't packed a thing!!!! Rusty and I brushed our teeth, put clothes on, and headed out. Mom and the kids came later, and Mrs. Joyce opted to sit this one out!! I am glad we didn't miss it. The breakfast was delicious and the characters were precious.


Rusty was overjoyed!!!!!!!!


                                             Headed home!!!!

Here is a funny story about Alec's bat.  Mom and I bought it at Team Mickey in Downtown Disney.  Not once did we figure on it being a weapon.  The security at the airport said it had to be checked in or thrown away.  Rusty and Bailey had already gone through security and Rusty had the bat.  He lost his mind and yelled, "The bat can't fly, the bat can't fly!"  So....I sent Alec through security, put my shoes back on, emptied my bucket and took off for Delta to check in the bat - $25.00!!! 

Who knew???  EVERYBODY!!!!!!!

They have love bugs in Florida too!!!!!!!

                 This is when we THOUGHT we were heading home!!!

This is when we realize we are not!!!!!
We were supposed to get home around 7:30 Saturday night, but our plane had "mechanical difficulties" so we missed our connecting flight and had to spend the night in Atlanta - with no luggage. We got home around 11:00 Sunday morning.

This is our "new" plane... the next day from Atlanta to Baton Rouge.  It was VERY small and you had to walk outside to get on.  Brutal!!!!!!

Stick a fork in us...WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Beautiful sight!!!!

It really was a wonderful time, and it wouldn't be a true "Reed vacation/Adventure" without a little drama!!!  I wouldn't trade this time with my family for anything in the world...except maybe a Sandals Resort with Rusty!!  Just Kidding. :)

This is how Alec has been ALL week!!!!  and how the rest of us wish we could be!!!!

Back to life....back to reality!!!

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  1. Welcome back! I was stuck in the Atlanta airport last spring -- no fun! But it looks like a wonderful trip, even with the not-so-great moments. I'd love to take our kids to Disney someday. I haven't been since I was a little kid.