Friday, October 29, 2010

October Highlights!!!

Where do I begin???  It has been a busy month.  We have been all over South America. 
We learned a lot about Brazil and a little about Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile.  It just so happened the week we were working on these countries was the same week they were rescuing the miners in Chile.  It was neat to watch and see the real live people we were talking about and praying for.  

We also added to our study the Children of the World book.  It is a great book that has pictures and information of actual children living in different countries.  It tells about their families, houses, religions, and their culture.  Alec loves this!!

We also spent a couple of days on rain forests. 

 We made a lapbook!  We learned about the layers of the rain forest, the animals, plants, and how many products come from the rain forest.  There are boo coo!!!

The boys also read Brucho and loved it. A true story about a missionary in South America.   It is supposed to be a read aloud, but they prefer to read it on their own.  Now they are reading Nate Saint.  He was one of the missionaries with Jim Elliot who were killed by the Waoranis - a tribe in the Amazon.

Some of their favorite things in MFW - Hero Tales, Window on the World, the geography game, and the John 3:16 language color sheet.

Their least favorite subject is Science (MFW).  We are going to add Apologia General Science next year since it was either for 7th or 8th grade.  I am not a huge fan of science either - lol!!!!

At the end of last week, we headed on to Europe!!
We spent 4 days in Norway and who knew there was so much info about Norway?  I started making them packets for each countries - flag sheets, fact sheets, word searches, research sheets, and reading comprehension sheets that relate to the people and activities of that country....

SIDE NOTE: I joined edhelper this week - great resources for countries and supplemental activities!!!!

At the end of each unit/continent study, they will choose their favorite country to make a lapbook.  It was too much trying to do one for each country, and I figure this will be a good review and wrap up activity.

We went to France today , and we will head to Germany and then Italy- can't wait - a lunch of some kind will be involved!!! I love Italian food.  And my hope is to end up in Spain and Great Britain/England the week before thanksgiving - the pilgrims, Plymouth, etc.  (stole this from Kellye at One Mom's Walk)!!!

 I will also be implementing a book from the Notgrass Company (got this idea from Randie) called Celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a study of the traditions of Thanksgiving.  It looks great.  There is also one for Christmas - Celebrate the Savior.

I am still loving Teaching Textbooks and Abeka Language & Spelling just can't be beat!!!  

I can't believe it is almost November and I am still so excited about homeschooling.  I feel like the longer the year goes on, the better tweaked things become.  It is always encouraging when things get easier rather than harder!!!

Amongst all this going on, Monday we went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch.  And wouldn't you know it was the hottest day in October!!  But the kids didn't care.  They had a great time, and I loved watching them run and play together.  Even my Bailey -  My 9th grader who is such a good sport.  She loves the little kids so much and THEY LOVE HER!!  (My next post is going to be about her so I'll just say that the Lord has done mighty things this year where she is concerned and I am so proud of her...I'll leave it at that for now.)

Anyway, here are some pictures from Pumpkin Patch field trip.
Our precious crew!!!

Our fearless leader!!!..and principal!

Please process our single file line!!

Happy homeschooling,


  1. I LOVED reading about all you have learned & the places you have "been"! Sounds so fun! I needed to read this today as I am having a burn out day! lol

  2. I spent some time reading through your blog today. What a beautiful, fun blog!

    We are doing MFW/ECC too but our boys are much younger. What encouraged me was your keeping it real in talking about your son with autism and all the goes with it. (tunnel vision, reverse psychology, oh my.. could I relate!) My son is 9 but reading about how your Alec is doing with his homeschool and just getting along in life was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for sharing.