Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Not" Back to School Blog Hop!!!!

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices for Reed Academy

Wow!! Year two (technically four, but there have been a few years of regular school in there too!) of homeschooling.  This year my daughter will be a sophomore...have mercy!  She has had a very productive summer working as a lifeguard, babysitting, and getting her driving permit....double have mercy!!!  My son is going into 8th grade so this is his last year before the big stuff!!!  He has had a very productive summer as well...not!!!  Unless you consider the x-box as productive!!!  Can not wait to get him back into a routine and hopefully regenerate some of his brain cells!!!

This school year starts so differently than our last.  We actually have a family living with us.  They are expecting a baby any minute....literally!!!!  Our school room is now also a bedroom for Alec and our office that held a lot of school stuff is now a nursery!!!  But God is faithful and we continue to find places to put things. 

Also, last year we started with two other students, two friends of each one of my kids.  This year, it is just us and I couldn't be much more freedom.  And our little co-op, the Friendship 4 has turned into more like the Friendship 8!!!  What a blessing!!  And one of those greatest blessing is one of my best friends in the whole world is gonna give homeschooling a try.  She just has her fourth boy and for the first time she is able to be a stay at home (her oldest is 12!!!) and the Lord has put it on her heart to homeschool...I can  hardly stand it!!!  

Of course, I am so blessed to has my veteran friends as well....the Friendship 4 is still going strong.  We have a meeting with all our new people Saturday to "plan our year" -field trips, parties, service projects, etc.!!

But now for the point of this post -Our curriculum choices...

Let's start with Bailey:
My Father's World - We are continuing the 4 year high school cycle for MFW for Bible, History, and Literature.  Last year she studied the Old Testament, and Ancient History and Literature.  This year she will study the New Testament, World History and Literature.  This is phenomenal program that we just love.  For Bible, she will be reading and studying books such as More than a Carpenter and Experiencing God, as well as compare the basic beliefs of Christianity to other religions.  For History and Literature, she will be reading some great classics - Julius Caesar, Beowulf, Pilgrim's Progress, A Tale of two Cities, Pride and Prejudice...just to name a few.  She will also learn how to write a research paper.

Video Text - For Math we will continue doing Video Text for Algebra.  We started last year using Teaching Textbooks but switched in March to Video text after meeting it's maker....and falling in love with him....and it!!!... at a conference in Memphis.  Once Bailey completes the Algebra course, she have have credits for Algebra I & II.

Biology - We will be using Apologia for Biology along side a DVD program, Biology 101, based on the days of creation.  We are not big science enthusiast, so I am trying to give us a little something more.

One Year Novel - Bailey loves to write so I think will be so good for her.  At the end of the course, she will have written her own novel and  may enter into a contest to have it published!!!  This is right up her alley!!!!

Latin - Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I would want us to do Latin!  However, at the same conference in Memphis, I went to a talk and I was hooked!!  We are doing a DVD program called Latin Alive and the girl on the DVD is precious!!  We started at the end of last year and got to chapter 3.  We are gonna do a bit of review (this program comes with a website that has great review games!!) and jump right back in.

Spanish - Rosetta Stone is the way to go.  This will be our second year and this is a great program.

Logic - This is one of the electives offered through MFW.  The Fallacy Detective & The Thinking Toolbox are the books used.  

Nutrition 101 - This is just gonna be a fun class to teach us about good eating habits and some fun recipes.  We are just gonna do it a couple of days.

and finally...
SAT & College Prep course that also goes along with MFW.  It works on study skills, developing vocabulary, critical thinking, and reading comprehension.

I also want us to go a couple of nights a week to a Zumba class for her PE.


Bible - Route 66 is a study of all the books of the Bible.  He will love this!!!

Math - He is doing Video text as well starting with Pre-Algebra

Fix-it Grammar - This is a great program that uses classic literature to teach grammar in context.  We are starting with Tom Sawyer.  Love it!!!!

IEW - This is our writing program.  With Alec's autism, writing is a HUGE struggle.  We are hoping this program lives up to all the great reviews we've read!!

History - This by far is Alec's greatest strength.  We are doing America the Beautiful by Notgrass as well as reading LOTS of biographies of important people in our history.  We are also doing a DVD program called Drive Thru History America about our Founding Fathers.  It is a character study as well.  He will also do a study on Elections in America also by the Notgrass people!!!

In the Spring, we will do a study on Louisiana using a book called Louisiana: The Land and its People.  I also have a lot of supplemental stuff to use as well.

General Science - Using Apologia for this as well as a book called Hands-On General Science Activities with Real-Life Applications.  

Spanish - This will be Alec's first year.  He will be using Rosetta Stone as well.

Can't wait to get started but will be starting after Labor Day.  Have a baby coming as well as a vacation towards the end of August.  Hope all of you have a wonderful year.



  1. Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    Looks like a great, busy year!

    This will be our second year homeschooling. WOW! High school...I will be following won't be long before we are there too!

  2. Hi Kayce, I just found your blog on the "Not" back to school blog hop. I am now one of your new followers. I also have a Sophomore and an 8th grader this year! But they are both boys. When you get a chance, hop on over and check out our blog. Look forward to getting to know you :)

  3. I love you my friend!!! Bailey and Alec are so lucky to have you as their mom!!! This is going to be a great year!!!!

  4. Looks like an exciting year. Blessings.

  5. I'm glad to hear that Rosetta Stone works well. Given the cost, we've gone back and forth about using it. I can feel a bit better about purchasing it now!

    Have a great year!